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The Case of Karen Hunting

Karen Hunting, Karen Meme, Staight to the Comments Podcast

The idea of being a “Karen” has become a major phenomenon in the last few years. From viral videos, halloween costumes, a movie, and themed diners it has become a term that is widely used. In this episode we’re trying to untangle - what does it really mean to be called a Karen? And why are so many people fixated on viral videos showcasing Karen behaviour?

Since it first emerged, the Karen meme seems to have morphed and taken on a life of its own. So much so that content creators appear to be deliberately going out off their way to find strangers to film and publish on social media to meet the demand for these ‘payback’ videos. But has this Karen Hunting now become a sport? Has Karen started to become a catch-all term thrown at women for any disagreement? And is it ever ok to ask for the manager?

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