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“My Emotional Truth”: The Case of Hasan Minhaj, Prince Harry and Jay Shetty

Since Oprah brought self-help and therapy speak into the mainstream, more and more people have been talking about “speaking my truth” over telling the truth. From Prince Harry to Britney Spears, the celebrity memoir has often been sold as the chance to read their “personal truths”. But what does this really mean? And are there different types of truth? 

When Hasan Minhaj was called out by the New Yorker for lying, he defended himself by claiming “emotional truths” were more important than facts. Then, just last month, The Guardian wrote an exposé, ‘Uncovering the Higher Truth of Jay Shetty,’ about Shetty’s alleged misrepresentation of his backstory in his climb to stardom.

Today we are asking, has the rise of therapy speak brought us all self-awareness, or is it now being weaponised? And can anything be emotionally true if it significantly varies from the actual facts?

Join us as we go straight to the comments to see if we can handle the (many) truths...

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