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Reddit Roulette: Exploring Online Secrecy and Confessions

The internet is filled to the brim with comments on every topic imaginable. So, this week, we are spinning the wheel and seeing where we end up in the internet's famous platform, Reddit, with our very own “Reddit Roulette”.

To us, Reddit is still a bit of a mystery, and we were curious to discover why it is considered the most influential yet least known internet forum. With every spin, we will explore a new group comment thread from ‘Am I the Asshole’ to ‘Ask me Anything’, and uncover the site where people come to confess, share their deepest, darkest desires/fears, and also laugh.

Is it a modern-day church, a therapist, or a dark threat to women? Join us as we throw the dice and see where we end up.

Trigger warning: We do discuss some banned forums related to sexual abuse.

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This series is produced by Emily Crosby Media.

Credit for roulette sound to Yle Archives.

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