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Playing the Victim: The Case of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

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This week, we are talking about the breakup of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner and the PR wars that started even before the divorce papers were filed. The media started publishing an onslaught of rumours from “sources” close to Jonas, painting him as the victim in the relationship, and Turner as a runaway mother and wannabe party-girl.

But not everyone is buying it. On social media some commenters have pushed back by calling out misogyny and mum-shaming in the media narratives surrounding the Game of Thrones star. Even the women on the view accused the Jonas camp of deliberate “spin” and a “smear” campaign.

So today we’re going to be asking - why do we frame relationship breakups as a winner and a loser? In PR terms, why do celebrities play the victim? And why are we no longer buying it so easily?

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