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Not a Woman's Woman: The Case of Ariana Grande and Megan Fox

Ariana Grande was recently called “not a girl’s girl” by Lily Jay, the estranged wife of her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater, after finding herself caught in the middle of their messy breakup. But what is a girl’s girl or a woman’s woman? What is it about some women that rubs other women up the wrong way? And is it just jealousy?

This week we’re diving into the current backlash towards Ariana, and the ongoing accusations that Megan Fox doesn’t appeal to women. We’re going to be breaking down the terms thrown at women such as homewrecker, man-eater, mean girl, temptress and pick me girl. And looking at why some women are disliked by the sisterhood. Is it because they are too beautiful, too sexy, or because they can’t be trusted? And how does this show up in the workplace?

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