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Magic or Mayhem? How Harry Potter, Hollywood and Instagram Are Changing Historic Places

Episode 8.

Harry Potter and UK Tourism Straight to the Comments Podcast

Our recent trip to Sarah's hometown in the historic city of York had us under its spell in more ways than one. Whilst wandering through its charming cobblestone streets, we noticed a real change in tourism.

From the medieval street in York now overrun by Harry Potter themed shops, to accusations of Edinburgh becoming ‘Disney Town’, we’re discussing whether the effect of Hollywood on historic locations has gone too far.

We’re also looking at how Instagram and Social Media are influencing our travel choices and if the impact is positive or negative. From visiting iconic locations made famous by The Holiday and Notting Hill, to the rise of instagrammable backdrops for businesses such as the fake flower wall.

Join us as we talk cream tea breakfasts, Dracula pilgrimages, and try to work out what a Ghost Merchant actually is?

This episode ended up in York Press!

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