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JLo and ‘The One’: The Case of Selling the Romantic Ideal

Jennifer Lopez is undeniably a megastar - she sings, she dances, she acts and has multiple product lines. But a big part of her story has been her very public love life. The rekindling of her romance with Ben Affleck has been touted as a perfect example of the long awaited ‘happy ever after’. However, not everyone is buying it, especially as this isn’t the first time the self-confessed ‘love addict’ has been what they call ‘loved up’.

This week, as JLo promotes her latest film The Mother at the same time as Affleck promotes Air, we’re looking at the way celebrities and Hollywood itself use the idea of ‘soulmates’ and ‘romantic bliss’ to sell us products. And asking is there such a thing as “the one”? Why are we so keen to buy into it? And do the media love to build up Hollywood love stories just to tear them apart later? Let's go Straight to the Comments.

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