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Are Gossip Blinds Dangerous? From Hollywood Secrets to BBC Scandals

Huw Davies BBC Gossip Blinds Henry Cavill Anna Kendrick Straight to the Comments Podcast

Today, we're diving into the world of blind gossip. Rumours that keep you guessing, but never reveal the subject's true identity.

During last week’s anonymous BBC sex pic scandal a frenzy of online speculation included a range of well-known names, including Gary Lineker and Jeremy Vine, until Huw Edwards was publicly named. We’re also going to be looking at other anonymous accusations such as Ulrika Jonsson and John Leslie.

Plus, we talk about the phenomenal rise of Gossip Blinds on Social Media, such as Deux Moi and Crazy Days and Nights, and their constant speculation about stars such as Henry Cavill and Anna Kendrick.

What we want to know is if blind gossip is just a modern-day tool for exposing corruption and bringing down powerful people? Or has it become a modern form of witch-hunt that possesses the power to ruin lives without accountability or due process?

Listen here:

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