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Trophy Wives: The Case of Kevin Costner and Kanye West

Trophy Wives Kayne West Kevin Costner Bianca Censori Christine Baumgartner Divorce Straight to the Comments Podcast

Dive into the world of Trophy Wives with us this week. From the iconic Krystal Carrington in Dynasty to TikTok's latest obsession with #TrophyWifeGoals, we're unpacking the concept and asking: Is it ever ok to call someone a Trophy Wife?

We go through lots of reactions to Kevin Costner's divorce drama with his estranged "trophy" second wife, Christine Baumgartner. We'll uncover their intense battles over child support, prenuptial agreements, and jaw-dropping plastic surgery expenses.

Next, we go into Kanye West's recent trip to Italy alongside his rumoured wife, Bianca Censori. Their fashion choices and behaviour have sent shockwaves through the world, sparking speculation about the "Gold Digger" rapper’s history of dressing his partners like "fashion dolls," including Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, and Julia Fox. We ask, who is using who?

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